International DNA day


Response to the 2nd brief of Young Glory 2016-2017

If scientists knew what variant genes in human DNA cause cancers to start growing we could better tell who is at risk and how to prevent and treat the disease. We can’t just learn from the sick, we need to understand why healthy people develop cancer too. With enough medical data, we could provide solutions for cancer, provide custom treatments for everyone. The solution is within reach.

Task: Create a pitch that helps viewers understand the power of data and how sharing their medical data could help cure this seemingly incurable disease.

Collaborated w/ Laszlo Csosz


Facebook World DNA DayFacebook World DNA Day

Facts & the Idea

Wherever we travel around the world we leave our traces behind. April 25 is the International DNA Day. We collaborate with Facebook to create personal videos on this day for everyone.



These videos show where users have already been and left their DNA using their Facebook photos of events and places where they checked in. Users share this content with #DNAISEVERYWHERE.

Also they can visit for further information about the whole campaign and articles of medical researches.

Young Glory finalistYoung Glory finalist